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ROTban Structural Services Corp. has been doing roof repairs and roof replacement in Surrey and Greater Vancouver area of BC for over 25 years..

We have developed the skills and expertise necessary to offer a complete roof management service to assist property owner/managers, management companies and real estate professionals in the reduction of roof life cycle costs.

Roofs in the Lower Mainland tend to need replacement by the age of 19 without good maintenance. Some of them are being replaced at ages as early as 13 and 15 years, for various reasons. If neglected, a roof can fail prematurely, leading to early replacement at great expense.

The ROTban Structural Services Corp. approach to roof maintenance goes far beyond locating and repairing roof leaks. Our thorough inspection process identifies areas of a roof, which are5 year guarantee deteriorating faster than the roof surfaces in general. ROTban Structural Services Corp. uses only traditional roofing materials and accepted roofing practices when protecting, repairing, reinforcing, and/or replacing those portions of your roof requiring attention. It is these areas that will cause future problems, and if left unattended, will lead to premature roof failure and added expense.

We believe that property owners should have in place a well conceived plan to review the conditions of the roof on a regular basis and take preventive measures immediately when required. ROTban Structural Services Corp. offers such a plan and is ready to work for you today.

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With high costs for replacement, every extra year of roof life you gain with preventative maintenance can save you many hundreds of dollars. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your best value is achieved with a 24 - 26 year roof lifespan, and those extra years cost significantly less than 1/19th of your roof's replacement value.

Quoting from an article in Reader's Digest

"It's a good idea, suggests Mike Lancop, a Calgary home inspector, to routinely clean your gutters and clear branches that touch the roof, and to have a roofer inspect your roof when it's about a dozen years old. The roofer can assess if there's any damage that needs immediate repair, and how much time is left before the roof will need to be replaced. "Some people's attitude," says Lancop, "is if the roof isn't leaking yet, it's fine. But if you've had a worn-out roof for five years, you'll likely have to replace rotten sheathing, and you may have damaged insulation and even some rotten framing. All that can at least double the cost of your job."


Deer Run RoofsDeer Run Strata "I was very impressed with the degree of professionalism and diligence... It is in our strategic plan to perform this service on our remaining buildings next season and it will definitely be ROTban who will be awarded the contract."

The Daventry Strata "Council has asked the we write to you on their behalf in regards to the recent work your firm did a the Daventry, 2780 150 St Surrey. Council would like to convey their thanks for a job well done and to commend you for the professionalism, workmanship and cleanliness of your employees."

Home Menders Inc. "The customer was impressed by your company's prompt & professional service."

Rex Franklin "I have no hesitation in recommending this company, and feel free to call or drive by my address to view the end result."

Lynn McLaughlin "True customer service is very hard to find - you definitely provide it!"

Cole Home "Thank you for a job well done. We would not hesitate to recommend your company"

Rushtons "I want to take this time to again say thanks and to let you know that I have told all my family and friends to call you with all of their roofing needs"

Denis Wingenbach "You and your staff did an incredible job. I want to thank you very much for the work you did on my roof over the last couple of days ?a very very good job."

Houghton Realty "We highly recommend Gregg and his company for any size project you may be considering. Gregg has been providing roofing services to our clients for many years. He has been overseeing all the repairs and routine inspections to the many properties we manage."

Wolff Family "ROTban Structural Services Corp. just installed a roof on my home. I chose to have Ridge Cap Foundation and Venting, which was the best choice, as the roof looks fantastic. Even the neighbours rave about it."


You can save a lot of money by understanding the cost per year of your present and future roof's life under various circumstances. Factors such as the quality of roofing material, its application, specific environmental conditions and its age all have an important part to play in determining this benchmark.

The proper way to determine this is for an experienced professional roofer or roof inspector to do an inspection and provide a complete and accurate series of projections. You will then have a decision making tool to maximize your enjoyment of your home with the most economical plan.

Home1 re-roof work by Rotban roofing

Roof Inspection Report and Estimate

A free one-hour inspection and detailed report of your roof, with photos. This valuable report is worth $90 and features a Cost Per Year of Roof Life formula which helps you determine the best course of action for you to take, given your unique goals. It is a complete property management tool.

Free Roof Inspection Report

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