Most cedar roof owners, when given the opportunity, choose to upgrade to Architectural shingles.
Instead of the cedar legacy of short life, guarantees few and far between, high cost and maintenance needs, Architectural Shingles have a 30 year minimum guarantee, next to no maintenance requirements and lower cost!

Following is an example, showing a lot of specific data, which should be of interest to anyone faced with making decisions about cedar roofing.

ROTban Structural Services Corp. did this conversion from cedar roofing to Architectural Shingles in June of 2010.

Roof before conversion
Before. Those shabby shakes are finally going…
Roof before conversion
Rooftop loading saves labour costs.
Roof with new underlay
This shows the new plywood deck, with protective underlay being installed.
Architectural Shingles conversion
After, with the Architectural Shingles. You can hear the sighs of relief!

Done with Iko High Profile Caps with Ridge Cap venting on horizontal caps. Some Caps are doubled up for a Saddle effect, and a foundation was used to emphasize the hip caps. Size of roof – 27.3 squares. The roof had been done in Untreated Tapersawn Shakes, no with maintenance, and was very rotten at 18.5 years.



Roof Type Roof Lifetime Cost per Year
Cedar 20 yrs on average $15,000/20yr. =$750 per year
Inc. New Roof deck
30 year mfg. Guarantee
10 years Labour, too
$11,085,/30yr. =$369 per year

Add HST to the costs, an extra 12%, and the expense gap grows even larger.

Architectural Shingles Advantages

Architectural Shingles have the further advantage of lower maintenance costs over the lifetime. These facts, put together with the good looks and wide colour choice, account for the popular trend of "conversion" re-roofs. There are many options and upgrades available,but the basic process of conversion to Fiberglass reinforced Laminated Architectural Shingles goes like this:

Already have an Asphalt Roof?

Upgrade To Architectural Shingles!

Get more striking beauty and longer life for a tiny extra investment.

architectural shingles roof conversion


Compare 3tab to ArchOld 3 tab Shingles vs. New Architectural Shingles.

Laminated is a nickname often used for Architectural Shingles.  They may also go by the nickname, Fiberglass reinforced shingles.  There are many advantages to this new generation of shingles, which is quickly replacing the 3 tab.  The interlock shingles have already been phased out.  They were known for high wind resistance, but the Architectural shingles have surpassed them.

Architecural shingles have eliminated the slots which make them easy for wind to tear off.  They are double thick along the nailing line and half of the exposed area.  The two pieces are laminated together, hence the nickname.  The asphalt, (bitumen) of each layer is formed onto a fiberglass sheet.  These four strengthening features have greatly increased the lifespan and wind resistance of these fine shingles. 

Appearance is much better, due to the full size, the varying thicknesses, and the use of shadowing  and mottling in the colour of the protective granules.

All these features get an A with roofers from coast to coast.

Old 3 tab caps Vs. New High Profile Caps

asphalt roof - closeup architectural shingles - closeup

Wow, what a difference!


architectural shingles architectural shingles

High Profile Caps make the home more beautifu and more hearty.

ROTban Structural Protection Products exclusive HP Cap foundation (right)  really looks solid!

ROTban Structural Protection Products Corp is a Shield Pro Plus Preferred Applicator with IKO Manufacturing, as well as being Licenced Modified Bitumen Applicator for flat roofing.


Call ROTban now for more information on converting your cedar roof or asphalt roof to architectural shingles.